Oak Mountain Cabinets: Experts in Cabinet Re-facing and Resurfacing

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Did you know that re-facing or resurfacing your old cabinets can create a completely new look?

If you are looking for a budget friendly alternative to removing and replacing existing cabinetry, consider re-facing and resurfacing.

Think of these methods as giving your cabinets, drawers and pull-out shelves a new face that is indistinguishable from a brand new cabinet. Oak Mountain Cabinets uses re-facing or resurfacing techniques where the cabinet doors or drawers can either be removed or replaced with a new door or drawer facing, or a completely new surface can be applied on top of the current door or drawer.

With these procedures, we are able to change the appearance of a residential space such as a kitchen without needing to put in a new installation. The selection of new “faces” we have to choose from is enormous, including hundreds of styles, from classic to modern, in woods and many other materials in all colors of the rainbow. We also expertly paint or stain an unfinished surface to your specifications.

The Oak Mountain Cabinet team is your trusted re-facing or resurfacing partner, and whether you pick out a new door entirely or use a laminate to apply to the existing doors, shelves and drawers, we will assist you and give you choices every step of the way. Over the years we have done hundreds of resurfacing and re-facing jobs throughout the Bay Area and always with great results. Don’t forget that along with re-facing or resurfacing we have hundreds of different cabinet and drawer pulls. Our selection goes from simple to ornate and changes the appearance of your room as well.

Call us today about re-facing and resurfacing. We are always pleased to offer guidance on the re-facing/resurfacing alternatives without any obligation.