Oak Mountain Cabinets: A Complete Selection
of New Drawers & Pullout Shelves

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Oak Mountain Cabinets is Much More Than Cabinets!

We never forget that remodeling a room such as a kitchen can often be an intimidating experience. Please rest assured that Oak Mountain Cabinets completely understands that there will be many questions and concerns, especially about planning and design. Interestingly, one of the most common questions we receive is if drawers and pullout shelves are ordered or designed separately from the cabinets. It is a logical question and the answer is “No.”

When you discuss your cabinet needs with us, we will also plan with you in picking out drawers, pullout shelves and possibly other elements such as lazy Susan storage or vertical racks. While the possibilities are endless, nothing about the experience should ever feel intimidating or frightening. We can plan right along with you, and we will drawer upon many years of experience to design the ideal room.

No matter the design you choose for your cabinets, there will also be matching drawers, pullout shelves and other elements. The materials for drawers and pullout shelves are, of course, as endless as the variety of materials for the cabinets themselves. When we order shelves and drawers for you, as well as the cabinets themselves, we will also discuss drawer pulls. The variety of drawer pulls are endless! We will work with you to find the best pulls for your budget.

We also have a huge selection of new drawers and pullout shelves for any kind of commercial space you can imagine, from retail to restaurants to offices and more!

Please ask us about our selection of new drawers and pullout shelves for residences and commercial spaces. We are always happy to consult or offer quotations without obligation.