Oak Mountain Cabinets still practices the time honored craft of cabinet making. We use the most modern tools but we hold onto the traditions of our profession.

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Think of Oak Mountain Cabinets as the company that believes in your dream.

We value the client who wants to go off on their own journey, or who is not satisfied with what is available or typical. Oak Mountain Cabinets is not just a cabinet re-seller or distributor, we can manufacture custom cabinetry for clients.

In a typical custom cabinetry situation, a customer may want a certain line of manufactured cabinets but then ask us if we can create a unique cabinet or several unique cabinets to go along with the other pieces. Of course we can accomplish that for you! In fact, such was the role of cabinet makers in the early years of the last century. It was not uncommon for cabinet makers to install custom built cabinets into homes as they were being constructed. Those skills have somewhat disappeared, but at Oak Mountain Cabinets, we keep the spirit alive!

Oak Mountain Cabinets has its own cabinet making shop where we can construct cabinetry based on the specifications and dimensions that you mandate. We work with all materials and finishes, and like the cabinet makers of old our craftsmen are also expert in stains and paints.

Why do we go to all this trouble? To be truthful, it is about much more than “customer service.” We are craftsmen and we love the opportunity to work at the art we love. We also value the concept of striving for perfection. To make a beautiful custom cabinet that fits in with your remodel gives us tremendous satisfaction.

Please ask us about our custom cabinet services.